About Us

Content That Converts

I know you. 

You'd rather be serving clients - not strategizing, creating, publishing &  promoting content aimed at marketing your services. 

But you know content marketing grows your business by building influence and attracting clients.

By working with you, I create the compelling content you need to make the impact you want. 

And because I specialize in C-suite, business, finance, human resources & staffing you  know you're getting a professional who understands your business - because it's my business, too.

Freelance Business Writing

Whether you need articles for your site, original posts for your blog, or coverage of a breaking news event when it comes to business writing, Write Ahn! has you covered. 

Customized inbound marketing support - website copy, eBooks, case studies, white papers, and much more - is just a click away

You need an experienced, knowledgeable business, finance, and HR writer who is dedicated to conveying your message  to your ideal audience. 

A veteran journalist with 20+ years and member of the Society of Professional Journalists means can always count on Freedom for ethical, professional work.