Who is Freedom Ahn?

Freedom Ahn is a business, finance, technology, and fintech specialist. She is a certified digital marketer and inbound marketing specialist focused on the unique, individual needs of financial and technology businesses.

Why Should I Choose Freedom?

You love what you do, and so do I.

It's my business to help your business grow and flourish. And because I focus exclusively on business, finance, and technology industries (with an extra special focus on Canadian industries) it means I fully appreciate the unique difficulties you're facing right now when it comes to marketing your brand, digital currency, ICO, SaaS, and more.

And because I have nearly 15 years experience in journalism and other professional writing mediums you get an expert storyteller to convey your message in a way that resonates with your ideal customer.

And with a background and love of all things maths & science (yup, I'm the girl who takes Harvard physics courses for fun and enjoyment) I can interpret the numbers & the theories behind things and rewrite it in easy-to-understand, engaging content and copy that helps you build your authority and influence.

What Services Do You Offer?

For a detailed list of services provided by WriteAhn, stop by the Services page.

But, generally speaking, if you need original compelling content, website copy, blogs, long-form content, newsletters, journalistic articles, grant applications, white papers, case studies, email marketing.... in other words, if you need someone to put words in your mouth or on the page, I do that.

Be sure to visit my portfolio to check out some examples of past work and projects.

How can Content Marketing Help Business, Finance, Technology, and Fintech Professionals?

Please visit this blog post for details on how content marketing and inbound marketing can help your business and service.

What Are Your Rates?

For a detailed list of services and rates, please visit this page.

How Can I Pay?

I accept Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfers, Transferwise, Stripe, and checks* (prior approval required).

How Do I Start?

Easy! Get In Touch today by either clicking on the button below or sending me an email at freedom.ahn@gmail.com

I can't wait to work with you.